I'm Shane Hainsworth, the owner of Strawman Productions based out of Nelson, BC. I'm a web developer at heart and enjoy playing in code. Sometimes I'm contracted for specific parts of a project, and sometimes I manage the project and hire others if need be, to help me where my talent is lacking. This I feel is the best outcome to provide my clients or my contractors the best talent available, depending on the project.

I say I'm a web developer at heart, but there are a few other fields that are quite close to the heart. I love consulting clients for live video production to web, film production and marketing.

This site showcases some of the work I've been brought in to do, project manage, or create with others. It has a variety of types of content and new stuff going up frequently.

So come back and check it out or if there is a project you need done however small or large, contact me below.

Strawman Productions - consult , design, produce.